Vehicle brand realignment so to speak

Personally I don't think I'd ever drive a BMW, but as one of Sydney's few small business marketing consultants, it doesn't stop me from applauding the brand for their recent work.

When you think of BMW, what do you think of? Upper class sedan? The Ultimate Driving Machine? A classy sedan with no grunt? (the majority of their vehicles)?

Since the introduction of the SUV across the Mercedes, BMW and Audi brands (well really they've all gotten in on the action, even Porsche), the choice of high end SUV's has expanded significantly. If you were to buy a SUV for the city, what would you buy? Hard to say.

Well I like the way BMW have finally (after following Mercedes and Audi's lead) positioned their SUV as just another one for their great range of Ultimate Driving Machines. They even say in their recent campaign, "we don't sell SUV's", we sell Ultimate Driving Machines. Decent reinforcement of their brand positioning.


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