Another small business marketing lesson by The Reject Shop

How good is the new brand positioning for The Reject Shop? To be honest, 5 years ago, you needed a tetanus shot to even walk through the front door. But in recent times, they have really sorted themselves out!

With their new campaign based on the "Savvy way to shop", they really are un-positioning themselves as a "cheap and nasty dollar shop", and are positioning themselves as a retail store where things are just cheaper.....not just bits and bobs, but branded items such as cereals and soaps. I'm sure they've stocked them for a while, but they just didn't communicate it!! And in stores, there's also a lot less clutter and things are much tidier than they used to be.

A clear message and a much better experience for shoppers...thumbs up to The Reject Shop!! As your small business marketing consultant, the lesson is doesn't take much to reposition yourself in the mind of potential it before it's too late and you've lost every potential customer possible.


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