Marketing consultants believe branding is key

As marketing consultants for small business we always say that branding is everything. To create a brand there is a need to be consistency throughout everything you communicate and being kept in the consumers mind through various touch points.

Marketing Magazine Online has detailed the new campaign Tourism Australia has unveiled that will see to a new logo that cost $200,000 to develop.

The tourism body is replacing its current, eight-year-old logo to stay relevant and to reflect the organisation’s changing culture and identity.

It will stay with the iconic kangaroo but with a more modern design and additional colours to reflect the various landscapes of the country.

Changing a logo is a very big deal and if not done properly can be disastrous for a brand.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy says, “it was the right time to update the eight-year-old logo and doing so would complement the recent update to the national tourism organisation’s global campaign.”

The fact that the logo still remains a kangaroo helps keep some of the rapport built. 

Overall, changing a logo can be a great tool to help any business organisation flourish again but branding is key and communicating the changes will be essential.

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