Team brands - bringing the power to the small business field

Having been an avid sports fan as well as a player and volunteer at an amateur level, there's no doubt whatsoever that the power of a club's brand is reflected well and truly once players take the field.

A club with a strong following, decent bank balance, good supporter and volunteer base is generally a leader in it's "field". The perception of a sporting team or club brand, just like a product or service brand, is created from all aspects of its commmunication...from its results, to its sponsors, its jerseys and uniforms, to its website as well as the Club's board members. All of these play a factor.

As a small business marketing consultant, you take notice of the affect that brands have on sport men and women. It can often work the opposite way when the underdog wants to beat the leader...something to inspire them...certainly something that it also seen in business. People always want to play for the best teams, the leaders. No one wants to play for a losing team over and over again. 


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