A small business marketing consultants case study

It's not very often that small businesses or their consultants will have a good word to say about banks. The general perception of banks in the marketplace, either from a consumers perspective or as a small business client, is that banks are all the same and only care about themselves....well, who is to disagree with this mantra?

In recent times however, there is one bank that has stuck their head out and done things a little different to the other BIG 3. The NAB have made a clear and concise "break" from the other banks, telling consumers that they are doing things different to everyone else. 

The point of all of this is to "position" themselves in a different spot in the mind of consumers in the marketplace. For once, I actually think the repositioning marketing strategy implemented by a bank may work. I think NAB's strategy has worked much more effectively than ANZ's poor attempt at repositioning themselves as "being in our world" - trying to be too clever and not simple enough. NAB have made their point clearly and explained their meaning. As a small business marketing consultant, I'm still trying to comprehend what "being in your world" means, so not sure how the average Joe will.


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