Why marketing your small business in Australia is key to staying top of mind

We talk a lot about the frequency of communication from a marketing perspective. So what do we mean by that? We mean that is important that we are communicating what we do and why we're different not only in a consistent way from a message perspective, but also in a consistent way from a frequency perspective. We have two really good examples of clients recently that we've spoken to only in the last couple of days where that frequency has paid dividends. 

So we have one client in the cleaning industry, super competitive. We've tried to position him in a way that is different to his competition. And what we do is we send out regular EDMS or emails to his database. We try to send that at least twice a month. Now you could do it daily, he does it twice a month. The purpose of that is that he's able to communicate to his potential and existing clients in a way that allows him to stay top of mind. 

Your clients or customers may not need you today, tomorrow or next week. But when the time comes and they need your product or service offering and you've been communicating to them in a regular fashion, then you have a higher chance of them choosing you over the competition because you have been top of mind and they see your communication regularly. 

So that's one client. The other client is in a design and service base industry, so their work is all about aesthetics and you want to be able to see the work that they do. We've encouraged them strongly to be communicating regularly on social. They show off their work and show off their projects. On the back of this consistent communication, they're starting to get enquiries because people are seeing the work that they do. And we know from an algorithm perspective within the social platforms, the more that you are communicating, the higher chance that people are going to see you. And then once they see you, then it continues to show up on their feed. So without having that frequency, you have a lower chance of them seeing your seeing you regularly. 

We’ve just outlines two really simple examples of clients that communicate frequently to their clients or potential clients or potential audience, which gives them the high chance of being chosen when the time comes. Again, your clients may not need you today, tomorrow, next week, but if you've been communicating consistently, not just the message, but consistency in the frequency of that message of what you're doing and why you're different, than you have a higher chance of being chosen. 

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