Should I become a marketing freelancer or start my own marketing consultancy business?

We've all been there. Stuck in a Monday to Friday job where your clients are boring and your boss is frustrating. We all know that life is too short and so we always ponder and consider whether there is something better for us out there. As marketing people, inherently we love just helping businesses and often within the throes of a Marketing Manager or Account Manager role, we don't often see the significant impact that we have on the business.

So, we stop to consider starting our own marketing business or becoming a marketing freelancer. So, let's dig deeper into this and talk about how becoming a Senior Marketing Consultant at Little Marketing is a great combination of both - with overcoming two key obstacles that becoming a freelancer or starting your own business comes with:

  1. When is my first client and payment coming from and
  2. What does my regular payment look like

With a proven formula that’s worked at Little Marketing for over 15 years, we empower Senior Marketing Consultants at Little Marketing to drive their own business through a combined effort of ambition, perseverance and passion. However, running your own business within Little Marketing isn’t for everyone. 

Unlike other business License opportunities, there is no upfront investment or License fee, only your investment of time, courage and willingness to learn and make your business a success happen. 

If you’re trying to decide whether to be a freelancer, start your own business from scratch, or want to leverage from a business that has created a proven and successful approach for its Licensee Senior Marketing Consultants, then find out more here or contact us today.


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