The meaning of positioning in small business marketing and how it positively impacts business revenue

As a small business owner, your key Focus, day-to-day, generally revolves around driving revenue, sales and growth, and so it should be because after all businesses are set up to make money and you should never be ashamed of that. Clients who our Consultants speak with on a daily basis conclude that marketing has one of two objectives for them, it's either driving revenue or making them look good, so what is the correlation between marketing and sales when we look at things from a small business perspective?

So let's start with your business on day one, no customers, no revenue, all you have is a business name and an offering of some sort. Now the way that you position your business and your brand and why you're different to the competition is all you have on that day one and it's this positioning that you're then going to be communicating or marketing to the outside world. Then you're going to use tools of some sort to communicate this positioning that can then help you drive revenue and sales, so first the brand and its positioning, then how you communicate it, then the sales. So you can see that the importance of positioning and getting that right first, because if you don't have a positioning at the beginning, then what are you then communicating? 

We see so many small business owners on a day-to-day basis waste time, energy, money on activities that aren't working. Google AdWords or boosting Instagram and wonder why there's no traction, and it's because they're not communicating a positioning at all. It's the cart before the horse mentality, businesses want to get out there but just being out there doesn't necessarily equal success. Communicating to the outside world a strong positioning where there's the least amount of competition, gives you a much higher chance of success. So what are you communicating to the outside world, what makes your business or your brand different, why should people choose you over the competition? 

It all comes back to how you're positioning yourself or not in the minds of your customers and clients get your positioning right, communicate it and then the sales activities can then kick in and have a better chance of succeeding.

So remember, strategy (positioning and point of difference) first before activities. Watch the full video on YouTube here.

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