How to ensure your marketing activities are effective when it comes to small business marketing

What marketing activities should a small business use to drive business revenue and help them stand out? That's probably the single most asked question by business owners around the world and there are so many forms of these marketing activities these days, email marketing Google AdWords, social media, an ad in the local paper, a promotional event, billboards… the list is absolutely endless and overwhelming. I call these forms of marketing activities tactics, and the list of tactics as I just mentioned is endless. Tactics are often a trial and error, seeing what works, what doesn't, measuring, assessing, reassessing, and trying different things. However the that small business owners use are secondary to what they're communicating, so their brand positioning is key and should be done first so let's discuss that a bit more.

Your strategy or your brand positioning, how you position your business and your brand in the minds of your customers and clients is what will assist making these tactics effective and this should all revolve around why you're different to the competition. Let's talk strategy so strategy is your brand and how you're positioning your brand different to the competition and then there's the tactics, the tactics will help communicate your positioning, whether it's Google ad campaigns or a newspaper ad or outbound cold calls or a great logo, a letterbox drop, a website that can drive revenue for you. So many tactics, it can be overwhelming, where do business owners start?

All of these tactics are irrelevant without the strategy and a good brand positioning. So many tactical options, but if you're not communicating your positioning and why you're different to the competition, then the tactics are irrelevant. They don't have a good chance of succeeding, but if you're consistent in your key message and this positioning and your point of difference across all of your marketing activities, then they have a better chance of succeeding.

So spend the time, figure out why you’re different or create a difference, and then communicate it over and over again. This will give your marketing activities the best chance of success.

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