One of the key obstacles small businesses believe they have in marketing

We spoke at a conference recently with 70 franchisees of a national business. What was the key learning I got out of that presentation to those small business owners? The biggest obstacle I see is them actually actioning the advice that's been given.

On the back of that, I think the biggest obstacle that small businesses believe that they have his time, yet if we breakdown time incrementally, there's actually enough time.

An example I gave at the conference last week was that if we sleep 8 hours a day - that's 33% of your day - if you then allocate 2% of your day - so that's just 30 minutes of your day to marketing, that enables you over five work days only to do 2.5 hours of marketing every week. So between sleeping - that's 33% of your day - and marketing - that's 2% of your day - that's 35% of your day between sleeping and marketing.

That allows you a balance of 65% to service your clients and customers, spend time with your family, take your kids to sports training, whatever it might be, it still gives you 65% of your day.

So if you breakdown time incrementally, time doesn't then seem to be a massive, massive obstacle, and certainly something that can be overcome.

What’s the summary? Creating some structure to your marketing to make sure you give it the best chance of actually being done and succeeding.

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