Why marketing your Australian small business in the current climate is so critical and the opposite of what you hear

Why is this present moment in 2023 marketing so critical for small businesses? 

I always laugh when I hear during “poor economic times” big businesses cut their marketing investment. So the one function of your business that allows you to think about what you do, why you're different and then communicate that point difference is cut, it makes absolutely no business sense at all. 

So if we talk about that from a small business perspective, what are the key elements that make marketing work? Well it's about being consistent in that message that you're communicating. If you're a small business and you're consistently communicating that message and the FREQUENCY of that communication is consistent, and you do it MORE than the competition, when the time comes for people to choose your offering, then you're going to have a better chance of them choosing you over the competition.

If you're thinking about why you're different all the time and your activities are weekly or fortnightly, and there's some structure to that, but your competitor is doing nothing about communicating their point of difference, then it makes common sense to think that you have a better chance of success. Your consumer or your client may not need you today, tomorrow or next week, but if you've been top of mind, been clear about what you do and why are different, you have a better chance of them choosing you over the competition.

Forget about the news, forget about the economy, be proactive in your marketing and communicate what you do and do it frequently.

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