Marketing for small business - Understand what your clients think about you to help your marketing

Recently we spoke about the six steps to help you define your point of difference and make your marketing work. In this article we're going to talk about that first step in a bit more detail. That first step that we're going to discuss, to help you define your point of difference and get your marketing working as best as possible, is to understand what it is that your clients and customers are saying about you. Why is that important? Let's discuss three key reasons why it is.

The first is by understanding how they think about you and describe you. Your'e able to utilize those descriptive words in your content. What do I mean by that? If you need to write content for your website for example, or if you need to write content for your social media posts or a brochure, the more information that you've gathered around what it is that your clients and customers think about you from a positive perspective, the easier it will be to write that content or to give to a copywriter or a consultant to help you write that content. That's the first key reason.

The second key reason is to of course understand what you're great at from a customer perspective and where you can improve for those areas that you are great at making sure that you focus in on those and be really good at them and continue to do those. For those areas where there needs improvement or feedback, look at whether the feedback is fair and if you think you can improve on them and it is justifiable then certainly invest the time to improve on those elements. Word of caution, some clients and customers are just painful so you don't want to necessarily waste time on customers that are paying for if they genuinely are always painful with you, take some of that feedback with a grain of salt.

The third reason why it's so important is that it actually shows that you care about your business and improving your business. If you are asking customers and clients around their experience with you your business, your brand, you're offering your your staff, your team, then it certainly shows from a customer perspective that you do care. Let's play out this example, imagine you go to a sports store and you buy a pair of running shoes. Take them home, a week later someone from the store calls you and asks you a couple of questions around your experience in store, with the staff member, and then in your satisfaction with wearing your shoes. Now as a customer you would certainly be surprised if you got a phone call like that, but it shows that the store actually cares about their customers around their product and about the experience that you've had with them. Do they want you coming back? Aabsolutely, and that's a big part of the reason why they're calling you, but it also shows that if there is room for an improvement then they want to know that. That's the first step in helping you to stand out from the competition, because if you know what it is that you do well at, then you can look at and utilize that as a point of difference for your business. By collating those descriptive words it'll then make sure that the effectiveness of the marketing activity that you will be doing has a higher chance of succeeding, because you're using good content and descriptive words that are from real customers.

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