How will you position your small business differently to the competition

We often have prospective clients say to us, "I've previously spent thousands on advertising and haven’t really seen a return on my money, what am I doing wrong??” We follow up their question with one of our own. “Well, what are you communicating in your advertising that is different to your competition?” 

In the over communicated society that we live in, we need to find that small space in the mind of our current and potential clients that's different to the competition. This is what is called a Positioning - a positioning in the mind.

So next time you invest money in communicating your business, tell yourself what we tell small business owners.

Find your positioning, communicate it consistently and run with it!!!

Let’s not be scared. Being a brand-focused, marketing-led organisation is not as hard as some people may think. It just takes courage, time and resilience. Watch here for a quick explanation.


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