Understanding Positioning and its importance to the success of your small business and its marketing

We’ve often had prospective clients say to us, "I've previously spent thousands on advertising and haven’t really seen a return on my money, what am I doing wrong??” We follow up their question with one of our own. “Well, what are you communicating in your ads that is different to your competition?”

The reaction of blankness that I receive following these conversations is one that I see every day of every week from small business owners. This is NOT just a small business problem. Many big companies have made this mistake in the past and no doubt many in the future will.

In the over communicated society that we live in, we need to find that small space in the mind of our current and potential client or consumer that we own - a small piece of real estate that we and our brand own. What is this piece of the mind that our brand owns and what does it stand for? This is what I call a Positioning - a positioning in the mind 

Who is your audience, what is your offering and why are you different? Your positioning should reflect all of these. The picture of what we are trying to communicate then becomes clearer.

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