The easiest way to format a marketing timing plan for your small business

One of the best ways to ensure frequency and consistency in your marketing is to make sure that there is an effective and actionable timing plan in place for your marketing activities.

So what is the best way to format this? Ok let’s go into some detail to help you…

Let’s create a table, either in word or excel…

First go firstly down the first column of a table, list down all the activities that you'll be doing and be really specific.

for example “write a search engine blog once a week and publish it on my website”

The column B with be the name of a month, let's call it March. Put a dot or a tick in that column so that you know in March you will be “writing a search engine blog once a week and publishing it on your website”.

Then list out another 11 columns so that you have 1 column for each month of the year.

So in summary you'll have column A which will list out all the activities, then column B will be your first month of activity, column C your second month and so on and so forth for 12 months.

I see businesses trying to overcomplicate their marketing and timing plans, the simpler the better.

Make it tangible make it actionable make it clear and simple to read. something that you can stick on your wall at your office, shop, wherever your business operates.

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