Positioning you and your small business as an expert and leader in your field to help you stand out from the competition

In Iceland, sheep are native, North European, and Short Tailed brought by the Vikings in the years 1100-1200. Without them, Icelanders would not have survived throughout centuries just south of the Arctic Circle.

Grazing in winter had to be utilised to the utmost, and somehow, a unique, small population of sheep developed, displaying outstanding abilities to help farmers and shepherds to manage the flock on pastures. These sheep are namely called Leadersheep.

Most of the Leadersheep are coloured and horned. They have a slender body conformation, long legs and bones, yet of lighter weight than other sheep in the flock because they have been selected for intelligence, not for their meat traits. 

Leadersheep are graceful and prominent in the flock, with alertness in the eyes, normally going first out of the sheep-house, looking around in all directions, watching if there are any dangers in sight and then walking in front of the flock when driven to or from pasture. There are many stories on record about their ability to sense or forecast changes in the weather, even refusing to leave the sheep-house before a major snowstorm. One wonders how better use could be made of such genes in the future. Can we pass these genes on to small business owners?

Your business practices need to lead from the front. If you business is static, if your website is old and hasn’t been updated since its launch in 2007, its time to get into 2022, and be a Leadersheep. Act like a leader, not just in your business or brand offering, but also in your actions.

Be the first in something that your competition hasn’t thought of yet. Small business needs to get out of its comfort zone when it comes to what they do and communicating what they do. It doesn’t mean investing big, it just means taking some time to think about it. With over 2 million small businesses in Australia, people need to be innovative. Don’t whinge that things aren’t going well if you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

Being first and being innovative generates talk, generates PR, getting others to talk about your small business is much more valuable than you telling everyone how good you are.

Small businesses have the opportunity to be first in something they do. Let’s use hair salons as an example. No doubt there’s plenty of hair salons in one suburb. Do any of them do anything differently or the first in something?  New hair treatment technology, hair care, new way to straighten it, men only, women only, kids only. All of these are first or show specialisation, something that generates talk trough the community.

Leadersheep are great at predicting the future. We need to steal the genes. As business owners, we need to be looking at what people will be attracted to and what will generate attention. There is no cost for people talking about your new brand or business.

Whether you are small business owner who is looking to take your first steps in marketing your business or someone who has already done some marketing, and know what you want. Our dedicated Senior Marketing Consultants can help you in every way possible. Learn more about us and what we do.


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