Marketing activities and tactics small business can use to drive business revenue and help them stand out

In this article, let’s briefly discuss the many marketing activities and tactics small business can use to drive business revenue and help them stand out.

Does the average small business owner use the word advertising when they refer to marketing. Yes? Are they wrong? Advertising is a form of marketing. And there are so many forms of “marketing” these days. Email Marketing, Google AdWords, social media, an ad in the local paper, a promotional event, billboards – the list is endless.

I call these forms of marketing “tactics”. The list of tactics options for small business is endless. Tactics are often trial and error, seeing what works, what doesn’t, measuring, reassessing, and trying different things.

But as you probably know by now, the tactics are secondary to what you’re communicating. Yes, your positioning is key and should be done first.

your strategy - your brand and positioning - is what will assist making the tactics effective.


Brand – what’s your positioning

Marketing – how are we communicating our positioning

Tactical Examples

Marketing & Sales Activities (the tactical)

  • Outbound Cold Calls (traditionally sales) – could bring you sales
  • Google AdWords (traditionally marketing) – could bring your sales
  • Newspaper Ad (traditionally marketing of which Advertising falls under marketing)
  • A great Logo (marketing) – could bring your sales
  • Letterbox drop (traditionally sales)

The point of this illustration is to show you that the tactics are irrelevant without the strategy. There are so many tactical options, but it all means nothing if what you’re communicating in these tactical methods doesn’t communicate your positioning.

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