Understanding product layers with your small business marketing consultancy in Sydney

Understanding the layers to your small business’s product are pivotal to understanding and analysing strengths and weaknesses. Your small business marketing consultancy in Sydney places your product at the heart of our marketing strategy. Aiming to capitalise on product revenue, developing customer base as well.

This Marketing consultancy for small business in Sydney believes each layer is crucial to develop a successful business. The first layer, the core benefit reflects the fundamental needs and wants that’s purpose is to please the customer. The aim of this component is to be direct with the purpose of your product to convey a clear and accurate message to your customer’s needs. The next layer that is known as the expected product, it is an essential component that contains the features of the product customers expect when they buy your product. Therefore, your products features must be the backbone of your product and are reliable, developing reputation and brand identity. The augmented product is the third layer where businesses can become creative with the features of your product gaining an advantage over competitors.

Finally, the potential product includes all the potential augmentations that the product might occur. The purpose of this layer is to surprise and delight customers the product must be augmented. We hope your small business marketing consultancy in Sydney has helped you understand fundamental concepts for your product layers and allow us to show its quality to your market so call 9700 1869!


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