Small business marketing consultant in Brisbane on why transactional marketing should not be overlooked

Marketing has become all about building and maintaining customer relationships. Whilst this does prove much more beneficial in the long-run, it has caused marketers to become seemingly ignorant of transactional marketing – marketing practices that solely drive sales.

As superior Brisbane small business marketing consultants, we have enough experience to realise that transactional marketing still matters. If efforts are not made to facilitate a pleasurable customer encounters at points of purchase, then it inevitably ignite negative implications for your business, such as revenue losses and falling profit margins. The foundation of transactional marketing is the product offering - the better the quality, the higher the sales volume – which is how transactional marketing still remains relevant today. The focus is on manufacturing high-end products, where quality is enough to instigate purchases and proves most triumphant for smaller businesses, especially those specialising in cheaper goods.

If you believe your products allude to good quality and are accurately priced, then transaction marketing is a highly cost-effective strategy to pursue for it reduces the need for you to expend effort on alternative marketing strategies. To explore your options with transactional marketing, visit Little Marketing’s small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane. Our team can help create a marketing plan that incorporates the use of transactional marketing where possible. Talk to a Brisbane marketing consultant for small businesses today!


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