Marketing consultant for Sydney small businesses prove that word-of-mouth is still as effective as ever

Word-of-mouth (WOM) is a form of marketing that involves customers sharing their personal experiences with a business with potential customers. Approximately 65% of marketers, including our very own Sydney small business marketing consultants, have previously dedicated the success of their companies to WOM marketing, indicating a need for small business to look into its effectiveness as marketing strategy.

The underlying fact is that consumers will always trust the opinions of other consumers over the word of a business. This is primarily because, at large, peer opinions are perceived as genuine, unbiased, and given with the intent of helping others in decision-making. Today, with the global rise of internet availability and smartphone adoption, consumers have access to an influx of online reviews and testimonials that reveal critical information about almost any business of interest. For small businesses, this means that not only should the priority be placed on delivering impeccable products and services to customers, but they should push for positive recommendations by retained customers (turned advocates). Assistance in this process can be provided at our Sydney marketing consultancy for small businesses.

In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, WOM marketing has become even more powerful. Prior to the pandemic, a study indicated that 92% of consumers trust the opinions of their family and friends above anyone else and will act accordingly. Now, this number is likely to rise as people stay home, under lockdown, and use the internet as their prime shopping source. Greater value will be placed on opinions, reviews, and testimonials. Moreover, with the increased level of time spent with family and calls with friends, there is a higher emphasis placed on the credibility of their opinions regarding businesses selling products or services.

Find out how a small business marketing consultant in Sydney can help you improve you WOM marketing during and post the COVID-19 pandemic by contacting 02 9700 1869.


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