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The two most common challenges small businesses face are limited resources and restricted budgets. Thus, it makes it integral for them to utilize their resources efficiently and keep costs down. Especially for B2B specialists, who cannot afford to allocate a budget to every marketing tactic, the small business marketing consultants in Brisbane recommend that you target your marketing efforts and selling propositions to a smaller group of customers. This is known as account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing is a strategy in which marketing and sales disciplines collaborate together to efficiently allocate marketing resources in a way that improves personalised purchase experiences and user-engagement of high-valued accounts (the companies you want to retain as customers).

By narrowing down attention on a small group of targeted accounts, small businesses can: generate high revenue in a shorter timeframe, considerably expand their customer-base, and reduce both time and resource waste. In recent years, account-based marketers claim to have seen a 97% increase in their ROI whilst 85% of users identify its use as the prime reason for higher customer retention and upselling. With increasingly accessible and plentiful marketing tools available to facilitate account-based strategy implementations, small businesses have the opportunity to capitalise on this success in spite of low budgets and resources.

For Sydney-based small B2B businesses, information and support is readily available at Little Marketing’s small business marketing consultancy in Sydney. Our deep-level understanding of account-based marketing and skills in market research will help you obtain the most fruitful clients that transcend into market share and profit accumulation.

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