Brisbane small business marketing consultants elucidate the importance of storytelling

Considering launching a new advertisement? Make sure it tells a good story!

Storytelling, in marketing, has become a prevalent aspect of content strategy for small businesses. In fact, through the data collection of our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane, Little Marketing has discovered that almost 95% of consumers are demanding advertisements to convey a relatable story.

Whilst videos are the prime method of delivering your marketing stories, small businesses should not disregard other formats. Our latest research tells us that the effectiveness of audio storytelling is on the rise, especially as podcast content become increasingly adopted. It is also no hidden fact that images have always been much more indelible than words.

Beyond deciding a format for your story, small business need determine how best to appeal to their audience’s emotions, which is the basis of storytelling. To do so, you need to deduce the face of your business. There is a common misconception that a business equates to its products and services, but this is false. Your business is a reflection of your vision and mission, your values and objectives and then your products and services.

Through the expertise of our Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses, we can help your small business become an exceptional storyteller. Through our one-on-one consults we can help you come to fundamental conclusions about who you are, what you stand for and how you serve society; and these conclusions will make for a viable story, which together we will deliver. Initiate your storytelling by reaching out to our Brisbane small business marketing consultancy.


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