A Sydney small business marketing consultant's advice on how to cope with consumers' short attention spans

Did you know a consumer’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish? By one second, but nonetheless shorter. As matter of fact, it seems that an average human’s attention span is only getting shorter by the year.

Luckily for your small business, the Sydney marketing consultants for small businesses at Little Marketing are equipped with the right devices to ensure you can best utilise the short attention span, currently recorded at 8 seconds, of your customers and target segments.

The key is to be relevant, relatable, and reliable. Be it via traditional marketing channels or digital, your marketing messages need to appeal to and engage your audience; it is the only way to make a difference and find success in that short eight-second timeframe. Keep it simple but frequent; produce campaigns that are creative yet authentic and consider making use of rich media.

Another critical factor that needs to be addressed is speed. Over 38% of visitors will bounce if a webpage takes longer than five seconds to load, with each second’s delay posing a risk of reducing sales by 7% and customer satisfaction by 16%. A slow-to-load website can cause your small business to lose at least half of your visitors; such costly consequences will turn your marketing efforts futile.

Hence, small businesses should take the help of a Sydney small business marketing consultant to utilise tools such as the Google Page Speed and optimise your site’s webpages, particularly videos and visuals, and invent better caches to enhance your website speed.

If your small business is currently struggling to cope with your customers’ short attention span, then speak to a marketing consultant for Sydney small businesses. Thanks to our expertise, the solution to your predicament is near!



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