Soft skills vs hard skills - Discuss with a marketing consultant in Sydney

For years, businesses have recruited employees with balanced skillsets, comprising of both soft and hard skills, so they can utilise them to produce viable marketing campaigns and strategies for their firm.

Soft skills are the personal attributes that an individual possesses which are deemed valuable at the workplace (for business growth and even career progression). Our Sydney small business marketing consultants identify strong communication, creativity and effective work performance under pressure as the most important marketing soft skills.

Hard skills are the technical abilities accrued overtime by a person in a particular profession. These skills are developed and refined overtime through repeated practical application. Our consultants recognize technological skills, computer skills, research and analytical skills, and management skills as the most important marketing hard skills.

Whilst hard skills remain just as relevant today, our marketing consultants for small businesses in Sydney have recently seen heavier emphasis be placed on an employee’s soft skills over hard skills. Forecasts even reveal that future employment for workers will be dependent on their soft skillsets rather than hard skillsets.

Work on your small business’ soft skills with the assistance of a leading small business marketing consultant in Sydney. Contact details are available on our website.


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