Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane discuss music in marketing

Have you ever wondered why Bunnings and AAMI are such successful brands? How have they not only survived all these years but maintained leading positions in their respective industries despite numerous market changes caused by emerging technologies? Our marketing consultants for small businesses in Brisbane find the answer straightforward: a solid marketing campaign backed by a memorable musical score.

Integrating a musical score into your marketing advertisements is a great way for small businesses to boost their unprompted brand recall, and even establish top-of-mind brand recall, simply through association. A catchy song or jingle can be used to manipulate your brand associations to make them what you want them to be. Furthermore, music gives rise to consumer emotions which can help produce interest for your business and offerings.

At our marketing consultancy for Brisbane small businesses, our team of professionals keep up to date with proceeding trends in the marketplace and do not shy away from being bold or using their creative skill. If you are looking to launch a successful marketing campaign that accommodates indelible music, then make an appointment with one of our top Brisbane small business marketing consultants. Contact details are available on our website


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