Small business marketing consultant in Brisbane introduce the concept of guerrilla marketing

One of the biggest struggles a small business faces is their limited budget. Hence, our team of Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses have decided to offer small business clients their assistance in creating unique guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing is a feasible technique used by small-budgeted businesses to compete against major players in the industry. It involves creating promotional campaigns that are unconventional and facilitate innovative interactions with target audiences. The underlying intention of guerrilla marketing is to improve the business memorability amongst target consumers by heightening their positive emotion reactions through the marketing tactics.

There are many ways for a small business owner to engage in guerrilla marketing activities with the help of a small business marketing consultant in Brisbane. The consultant can help you create a guerrilla marketing plan that is inclusive of affordable and effective campaign solutions that maximise audience reach, engagement and customer conversion and retention.

To begin your guerrilla marketing journey, contact our Brisbane marketing consultancy for small businesses on 07 3062 9457.


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