Marketing consultant for small businesses in Sydney talk direct messaging

Social media is a valuable platform on which businesses can produce low-cost, high-impact marketing campaigns that transcend into successful return on investments. In fact, our marketing consultants for Sydney small businesses believe this outcome can be maximised for clients through the utilisation of the direct messages marketing tool.

Direct message (DM) marketing uses social media DM channels (Instagram, Facebook Twitter) to successfully promote a business. Typically, the aim of DM marketing is to boost awareness, generate leads and build affinitive customer relationships. It is a worthwhile strategy for small businesses that can spark high-profile conversations about their brand or offerings and is productive in building a fast and loyal customer base.

Yet, if you are inexperienced in this field or have not created a proper marketing management plan, then a DM strategy can be a risky endeavour. In this case, we suggest a visit to our small business marketing consultancy in Sydney. Our consultants can advise you on how to conquer the two most common issues in DM marketing: being intrusive and breaching the Privacy Act and effectually capitalise on the advantages of its use.

For a personalised consult, where you take the lead and we follow with our support and DM marketing solutions, reach out to one of our Sydney small business marketing consultants by calling 02 9700 1869.


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