Improve your web design using valuable tips offered by the leading marketing consultancy for Sydney small businesses

Throughout Little Marketing’s years of operation, its Sydney small business marketing consultants have been accredited with a number of impressive web designs for clients.

As the accommodator to leading web designers, our Sydney marketing consultancy for small businesses has decided to share the top web design tips it has accumulated from its expert employees:

- Tip 1: Visualize over textualize; consumers process images 60,000x faster than they do words. If you want to maximise visitor engagement on your website, ensure there is sufficient use of colour, visuals and motifs.
- Tip 2: Keep it short and simple; a minimalist web design will allow consumers to better decode and understand information displayed on your site and store it in their long-term memory.
- Tip 3: Abide by the 5-second litmus test; Consumers are very impatient and need the following answers about your business, in the first 5 seconds of their arrival on your website: who you are, what you do and what is you value proposition?
- Tip 4: Include a call-to-action (CTA) button; Once consumers visit your website, you want them to pursue the next step, which is often facilitated through “send”, “gift now”, “buy now”, “call” CTA buttons.
- Tip 5: Use the Search Console (Google SEO Tool); This free service helps web designers and small businesses monitor and maintain their SERP rank on Google. I

For more information and insights on web design, contact one of our Sydney marketing consultants for small businesses on 02 9700 1869.



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