Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses discuss top three forms of marketing in 2020

Below, the small business marketing consultants of Brisbane have identified the top three forms of marketing that proven most popular during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Empathetic Marketing: The pandemic has been difficult to endure, and people are feeling vulnerable. During the coronavirus wave, businesses have had to reinvent their marketing strategies to showcase their compassionate side whilst servicing the needs and wants of their customers. “Pushing” or “urging” consumer to purchase was no longer a viable tactic. The focus needed to be in providing emotional and practical support to the public and can now even be considered the primary way to generate brand loyalty.

2. Local Marketing: Home-isolation laws and travel restrictions have caused a rise in the demand for local products and services. As a matter of fact, research has indicated a much stronger preference for Australian-made products and services since the coronavirus outbreak. Demand for local market offerings is expected to surge further in the upcoming years with opportunities to garner business from regional consumers through local marketing efforts (local SEO listing, local media, etc.).

3. Social Media Marketing: The introduction of the social distancing rule ignited a sharp increase in the use of social media platforms, initially for the purpose of collective interaction. Overtime, however, individuals have become more interactive when browsing and have thereby increased their engagement rate with marketing materials. Furthermore, shoppable posts have also seen a steep rise, making social media a reliable e-commerce platform. The convenience and personalisation offered on social media has increased consumer expectations, which will see businesses focus more on their social media strategy in the future.

Review your efforts under the three marketing formats above and discuss your potential for the future with a marketing consultant for small business in Brisbane today!

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