Brisbane marketing consultant for small businesses explains why the 7Ps of the marketing mix matter much more today

As we transcend deeper into the digital marketing era, there has been an ongoing debate regarding the importance and relevancy of the marketing mix and the 4Ps, with many believing it close to extinction. However, our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane have come to the conclusion that the marketing mix is not only going to remain relevant in the future but will place a much stronger emphasis on the extended 3Ps those being: people, process and physical evidence.

Given the rise of content-heavy digital marketing, small businesses need to be much more selective in their recruitment processes to retain the most skilled, tech-savvy and innovative marketers (people) that can create impactful online adverts. This is becoming the fundamental way of producing large customer-bases and driving major sales.

The transition to the internet as well as the emergence of green consumers has also redefined the importance of the marketing process. Consisting of a set of activities through which the product or service benefits are delivered, marketing process are now expected to be fast, be organic (natural) and showcase transparency in the supply chain.

Lastly, physical evidence, relating to the tangible renditions of a business that a consumer comes in contact with, will see a complete transformation. Our Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses estimate fewer brick-and mortar stores to remain operational in the future, especially post COVID-19. This will bring the focus on using product packaging as a marketing opportunity (aesthetic appeal, product information, etc. to improve brand perception).

To learn more about future of marketing, its digital transition and the expectations of the extended marketing mix, visit our Brisbane marketing consultancy for small businesses. Booking information is available on our website!


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