Brisbane marketing consultant for small businesses discuss the birthday marketing effect

As we are all aware by now, modern-day marketing requires you to get personal with customers. And what better way to get personal than by celebrating their birthdays! The birthday marketing concept is a strategy used by businesses to provide customers with special offers (commonly discounts or freebies) synonymous with gift-giving on their birthday. Our Brisbane small business marketing consultants find it a neat little trick that small businesses can use to strengthen their customer relationships and retain loyal customers year on year.

Customer birthdates are collectable through membership and subscription sign ups or during the purchase process. Simply request for this information along with their email address and start sending out personalised marketing offers on customer birthdays. This will ignite positive consumer emotions, enrich customer experiences and enhance the business’ reputation in the market.

When supplying birthday offers to customers, customize emails by sending an e-card along with a mix of complementary deals, exclusive offers, redeemable instore and online vouchers. These emails have been proven to be extremely effective in retaining customers. Our leading marketing consultants for small businesses in Brisbane have even found a 481% higher transaction rate of birthday emails over standard promotional emails.

For small business owners who want to look further into the birthday marketing concept, contact our Brisbane small business marketing consultancy on 07 3062 9457.


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