Why our Brisbane marketing consultant for small businesses find influencer endorsers to be better than celebrity endorsers

Celebrity endorsements have had their advantages in use. The power and influence celebrities hold is often incomparable. Be it movie stars, athletes or politicians, most have obtained millions of admirers overtime. This made them viable endorsement subjects, especially since most had pre-existing audiences and a widespread appeal; therefore, they could produce abundant interest in brands. Yet, our Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses realised that the high costs involved, and the instability of celebrity public image were providing major challenges for businesses. Celebrities tend to charge fees in the greater millions and often pose risk of incurring scandals, the latter of which, if involving their celebrity endorser, could completely tarnish a business’ brand image and perception. Thus, the lack of reliability and the high expense has seen businesses switch to influencer endorsements.

Due to influencers swaying power over their followers, our Brisbane small business marketing consultants believe them to be much more reliable and beneficial endorsers for clients. Finding the right influencer means finding a person who has expert knowledge of business offerings – and there is an influencer available for almost every product and service. With their skill in content creation, influencers are more likely to convince their followers (and your market) to make a purchase from their contracted brand. Furthermore, they guarantee high audience attentiveness and also help brands reach niche markets (via micro-influencers). Lastly, influencer fees are much lower than celebrities’, as well as more flexible – brands who have less to spend can still find powerful influencers who charge fees within their budget.

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