The power of social media stories explained by your Brisbane small business marketing consultant

Social media stories have emerged as a useful marketing practice that has the potential to trigger mass audience engagement, provided they communicate the right message in an impactful way. Creating and presenting colourful, short-second videos or images improves a business’ top-of-mind brand recall amongst social media audiences. Additionally, it also instils curiosity and revisitation to a brand’s social media account.

The small business marketing consultants of Brisbane deduce that now is the perfect time for small businesses to get onboard with social media story utilisation. It is a highly relevant, mobile-friendly marketing technique that benefits from the structure of the social media platforms which help it retain greater visibility and awareness. For example, stories are auto-played which means all brand stories are lined up to play one after the other, so even impassive consumers come across your brand story.

To maximise the benefits of using social media platforms for your small business’ story marketing, ensure your stories are short but impressionable so that the audience is able to develop a connection with your brand. Create memorable content using novel and bold tactics such as encouraging user interactions via poll votes and click-throughs. Our marketing consultants for Brisbane small businesses also find it crucial that business on social media post on a frequent weekly basis, typically once every 2-3 days. This will maximise your noticeability amongst target audiences.

For small businesses interested in discussing a potential marketing strategy involving social media stories, you can book a consult with one of our top Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses.


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