Sydney small business marketing consultant explains how to create a marketing strategy for DIY customers

The DIY market in Australia is huge and is forecasted to continue growing over the upcoming years, having been assisted by COVID-19 isolation restrictions – which gave people more time to make home and garden improvements. Since the needs and wants of DIY customer groups differ from service-seeking consumers, marketing practices of DIY businesses are also dissimilar, accommodating separate customer pain-points and touchpoints.

For DIY customers, price is not a significant pain-point rather they are much more focused on the product quality aspect. This is to verify that they are using home-improvement materials that are durable in the long run and will require low maintenance. Thus, our marketing consultants for Sydney small businesses recommend that marketers make a point of clearly communicating their quality value proposition over their competitive prices.

It is important for businesses to note that most DIY customers search for project information online, with inspiration often sourced from YouTube and Pinterest. Taking this into account, our Sydney marketing consultants for small businesses, urge DIY-brand marketers to leverage these two social media platforms and invest adequate time in developing pertinent content material. By doing so, businesses will generate greater leads and positive ROIs.

DIY businesses also need to understand that their customers are not loyal. This is mainly because customers are solely concerned with buying correct or highest-grade materials for home projects; not who they buy from. However, our consultants believe that marketers can influence repeat purchase behaviour through action-based content creation. Showcasing products in a practical application will not only increase their relevancy and appeal but can potentially extend overall customer retention.

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