Supply chain transparency as explained by a Brisbane marketing consultant for small businesses

Supply chain transparency is the process of communicating a business’ production and distribution procedures with its customers. Our Brisbane small business marketing consultants have concluded that this sudden, sought-out customer expectation has surfaced due to the rising trend of conscious consumption. As more consumers begin to demand supply chain transparency, small businesses have little choice but to offer this if they wish to remain operational in the future.

Our marketing consultants for Brisbane small businesses have discovered that about 94% of customers are loyal to brands that offer absolute transparency, and 39% percent are willing to switch to for it. Thankfully for businesses, the availability of data analytics and the implementation of production tracking systems and blockchain technology, has made it easier to create a transparent transactional process. This provides both tangible and intangible value to the customer.

Supply chain transparency also allows business owners to understand how their product offerings are being manufactured so they can ensure the appropriate standards are being met. It is, therefore, a great way for a business to refine its productive efficiency whilst attracting and retaining customers and employees alike (who favour responsible companies).

For questions relating to supply-chain transparency, you can call our Brisbane small business marketing consultancy on 07 3062 9457.


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