Sticker marketing advantages explained by a leading small business marketing consultant in Sydney

It is hard to believe that something as ordinary as stickers can have such a strong impact on a business’ awareness and memorability. Yet, as unconventional as it is, sticker marketing can be a worthy, simple strategy for small business owners to pursue. Below are the top three advantages of sticker marketing as recognised by our leading small business marketing consultants in Sydney:

- Inexpensive: Not much is involved in the process of creating stickers, and therefore the costs are quite low. The main expense is label printing, but it still fairs much cheaper than other traditional marketing efforts (billboards, TV commercials, magazine prints, etc.)
- Novelty: Stickers come in almost every shape and size imaginable, and this form of marketing is significantly distinct from other forms. It adds an element of fun and freshness to a brand and can, thereby, make the marketing message more memorable to customers.
- Longevity: Stickers can be placed practically anywhere and are hardly taken off once stuck on. Usually, stickers are placed on surfaces that are constantly visible to the customers, so it helps maintain brand awareness – every time the customer resees the sticker. As a result, the marketing message remains relevant in the longer run.

The above advantages are proof that the unique sticker marketing strategy is worth consideration at the very least. Our marketing advice for small business in Sydney, therefore, is that small business weigh out the profitability of incorporating stickers into their marketing campaigns.

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