Sensory marketing in 2020 discussed by your small business marketing consultant in Brisbane

Many established businesses have dedicated their success to sensory marketing. This is a process whereby a marketer works to produce consumer interest for its brand by appealing to a customer’s five senses. According to our Brisbane marketing consultants for small businesses, sensory marketing is a valuable aura-creating tactic that sets the appropriate mood to drive sales.

The purpose of targeting the five human senses is to ignite positive feelings about a business and its offerings. Ideally these feelings are strong enough to develop long-lasting, profitable customer relationships, built on trust and loyalty. Though sensory marketing has been around a long time, it has gone through many refinements over the years to encompass changes in consumer tastes and preferences. Below are the top 2020 trends that are influencing the five-sense marketing activities, as pinpointed by our Brisbane small business marketing consultants:

- Sight: Brands are now forgoing poster images for graphic-oriented videos to visually appeal to consumers.
- Sound: Radio advertising is currently being replaced by podcast advertising, which is credited with a much higher effectiveness rate.
- Smell: Fragrance demand is shifting away from sweet, floral and fruity scents and moving towards fresh, environmental and earthy scents. This goes for both men and women.
- Taste: Food and drink brands (e.g. Red Rock Deli & Coco Cola) are vigorously developing newer and bolder flavours to appeal to buyers. Unlike in the past, modern generations are more open to trying newer and more innovative tastes.
- Touch: Almost every retail brand in 2020, including online, now houses a ‘try before you buy’ policy so customers can get a feel of the product to better evaluate and connect with a product prior purchase.

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