See whether our small business marketing consultants in Sydney think it is the end for traditional marketing

After conducting detailed research our Sydney small business marketing consultants have concluded that traditional marketing is on the verge of dying out. Since digital marketing prevalence has provided opportunities for more targeted and permanent marketing campaigns, it has essentially made traditional marketing approaches immaterial.

Traditional marketing strategies have their shortcomings. For example, they struggle to segment the market, reach specific customers and cannot be fully personalised due to its one-for-all communication format. Moreover, unlike digital, traditional marketing has a shorter lifespan as TV, radio, and especially magazines are frequently updated with newer content and advertisements. In a time where data is key to enhancing consumer experiences, traditional marketing channels are also not measurable making it unclear to marketers whether or not their campaign is successfully working and transcending into revenue.

Simultaneously, the availability of the various digital marketing tools has made it much more conceivable to utilise digital media for the purpose of one-on-one interactions between a business and each of its customers. It also encompasses a range of measurable metrics which help marketers identify their return on investment and helps them understand which ads are most effective in generating desired results; this will help plan future marketing campaigns. It is also much more suited to reaching target and potential consumers, has a longer lifespan, and is able to personalise communication with consumers on every internet touchpoint.

It is not to say that traditional marketing is completely ineffective. However, for small businesses to obtain the maximum number of customers, they cannot abstain from implementing digital marketing strategies.

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