Marketing consultant for Sydney small businesses shares three underrated techniques to effectively market to millennials

The millennial population is a bankable customer segment. Not only are millennials the leaders of tomorrow, who will control the marketplace, but they are also the most brand loyal generation. The opportunities they offer small businesses are many, yet these opportunities cannot be fully capitalised upon if businesses fail to appropriately market themselves.

Marketing to millennials is easy, but marketing to them effectively can be strenuous. Fortunately, our Sydney marketing consultants for small businesses are aware of three marketing techniques that hold immense power in influencing millennial consumption decisions, despite being undervalued by many marketers. See below:

1. Appeal to Values: The millennial generation holds distinct values that configure their social identity. Common values include green consumption (environmental care) and using brands that pursue social good (poverty relief programs, etc.). If a business can showcase active contribution to fulfilling these values, then they will form lasting impressions.

2. Use Tech: Millennials are very technologically curious and often choose to adopt the latest digital technologies. Thus, businesses who are able to quickly adapt their marketing efforts for digital platforms, will perpetuate relevancy and thereby satisfy the millennial need for instant gratification.

3. Target Word-of-Mouth: The majority of millennials are social beings who strongly value the opinions of their friends and families. Hearing of a positive recommendation about a particular brand or business from a trusted companion or relative, will therefore make them highly susceptible to trying it out for themselves.

By proceeding to use the above three techniques when marketing your small businesses to a millennial target audience, you can expect to see a lucrative improvement in customer acquisition. As leading Sydney small business marketing consultants, we vouch for this.

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