Little Marketing's Sydney small business marketing consultants have an opinion of colours in marketing

According to our marketing consultants for Sydney small businesses, the psychology of colour is important to understand. Colour can often be the sole persuasive factor of a marketing effort for consumers based on how they connect to that the colour. Hence, the qualified Sydney small business marketing consultants of Little Marketing want clients to realise that when it comes to marketing, colours characterize disposition and impact reactions – which is why it should be given ample consideration.

Colours in marketing may seem like a simple consideration, but there is a certain degree of complexity involved. Various colours present different meanings and evoke distinct feelings in consumers. Some colours may even have more than one meaning. For example, red is often a colour associated with love and passion and other times it is a symbolism of fire and blood. Similarly, the colour green is can be given dual representations: one of jealousy and other of nature and growth. Thus, if you want to position your brand with one association over another (love over blood or growth over jealousy), then you need to prepare a marketing display that conspicuously alludes to it. This can be aided with the use of complementary colours and visuals.

If you choose to visit our Sydney marketing consultancy for small businesses, we can help you strategize the use of colour. We will ensure our assistance results in a portrayal of the right associations which engross your customers and tug at the right emotions. So, come book a consult today!


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