Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane discuss the importance of planning your marketing for 2020

As Brisbane’s leading marketing consultants for small business, there’s no better time than the present to get your marketing planning started for 2020. Often business owners lack the time or the resources to get planning, and often we fail to plan and therefore plan to fail.

A marketing plan for any small business is critical as it allows for a number of things. A marketing plan provides structure around all of the marketing activities you plan on doing. This structure allows you to plan when activities will be done, as well as the investment behind any of these activities.

As marketing consultants for small business in Brisbane, we understand time and money can get away from you if there’s no planning involved, hence the key to a plan. The other great thing about a marketing plan is the consistency in the message that is put out to the marketplace. It is often difficult to execute such activities and keep your brand on message if there’s no planning involved.

Working with hundreds of small businesses in Brisbane over the years, we know how important a plan is to the success of any marketing activities, and without one, things are often done ad-hoc with no real goal or aim. Now is the time to plan, don’t let it pass.


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