Small business marketing consultant in Brisbane discusses the importance of business goals

Have you ever noticed that businesses and brands are way too clever for their own good? Their marketing is so fancy, mind-blowing and memorable that only the piece of marketing is what’s memorable, not the actual brand, service or product they’re communicating.

“Have you seen that ad with the guy doing handstands on a rope, mind-blowing.”
“Yeh, so cool, what’s the ad for?”
“No idea!”

As your Brisbane small business marketing consultant, too often we see Brand and Marketing Managers out there to win awards for their ads and for their egos. No real care in driving business. At the end of the day, that’s why their being hired, a return on their salary.

Communicating ego is played out too many times in business, even in small business. As a leading small business marketing consultant in Brisbane, we often see people lose focus as to why they’re in business. Reminder - to make money! Let’s not make bones about it. So, you need to ask yourself, what am I really communicating and what’s my business objective.

As your small business marketing consultant in Brisbane, we put your business objectives at the core of your marketing plans. Without goals, what’s the point, what are we all aiming for?


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