Brisbane small business marketing consultants discuss why keeping a brand focus is critical

As small business owners in Brisbane, it is easy to be distracted by new opportunities, trends and fashions. In the social media age in particular, we are overloaded with communication, and as small business owners, we like to stay on top of what is happening in the outside world of our small business bubble.

As a result, we always have great ideas and come up with new potential opportunities to drive revenue. From our experience over the past 13 years as small business marketing consultants in Brisbane, we see such examples each and every day.

Due to these distractions, we often overstep the mark of our brand. If our brand means X, we often will then add Y, and then before we know it , we try to stand for X, Y and Z. As a result, we then ultimately stand for nothing. As Brisbane small business marketing consultants, we see this far too often.

Meanwhile, across the road, our competitor in the X market continues to focus on X, and as your service and expertise broadens across Y and Z, you start to lose customers to your competitor who has continued to focus on X.

When you have problem with your feet, you go and see a podiatrist. When you have a problem with your eyes, you and go and see an optometrist. You get the trend. Keep your brand message focused and stay true to it.


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