Small business marketing consultants Brisbane talk about why positioning is so important

Whether you’re a big or small business in Brisbane, your brand meaning plays a key role in its long-term success.

As leading small business marketing consultants in Brisbane, we know a thing or two about why brand positioning is so important. Let’s discuss a few reasons why.

Let’s choose an industry. Let’s say electricians or electrical works. How many electricians are there in Brisbane? I’d hate to have a guess, but thousands. So, what makes one different to the next? Location? Quality? Clientele? The quality of service isn’t enough to differentiate you anymore. If you’re not offering a great quality of service, then don’t bother being in business.

Perhaps they could focus on a particular type of service, say, being a Commercial Electrician. Well that more than halves the amount of competition. That’s a great start and some simple advice from Brisbane’s small business marketing consultant.

Businesses need to be able to understand the competition, whilst being a brand-focused, marketing-led business. Sticking to your brand is hard, and often tempting to sway from, but as your small business marketing consultant in Brisbane can attest to, it’s a powerful tool in business.

Regardless of industry, investigating the competition gives you an insight into how you can be different, especially if you’re just starting out. If you need to speak with a small business marketing consultant in Brisbane, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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