What makes a good marketer according to our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane

Have you ever given thought to what makes a good marketer? Likely, the initial answer that came to your mind was along the lines of possessing high-level marketing skills. However, at Little Marketing we believe the skills required are more personal than professional. Below are six skills that our Brisbane marketing consultancy for small businesses believes are most important in a good marketer:

1. Communication: A good marketer needs to be articulate enough to expediently interact and communicate with its several co-workers, clients and target consumers. It’s a skill that our Brisbane small business marketing consultants hold in quite a high regard.

2. Creativity: Being able to think outside the box and develop new or unique solutions shows an ample ability to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving.

3. Grit: In marketing, not everything you do will work with your clients, so resilience and the inclination to improve is important. Good marketers need strength to stand their ground, resolve issues and overcome setbacks.

4. Adaptability: Change is inevitable and it hits the marketing industry hardest, hence there’s no room for rigidness! Marketers need to be able to adjust to changes in their work environment (now more than ever thanks to digitalisation and technology)!

5. Curiosity: A good marketer will not blindly follow instructions but will constantly ask “how” and “why”. It speaks to a person’s interest in their business and their desire to keep discovering.

6. Ambition: It is important for all marketers to have some personal career aspirations, for this is what incentivises their hard-work and goal achievements; which in-turn drives the entire business forward.

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