The importance of blogs by your marketing consultant for small business in Sydney

At Little Marketing, our leading Sydney small business consultants are dedicated to providing clients with viable marketing advice for their business ventures. This includes supplying information on emerging market trends and how best to utilize them for business benefit. One of the most recent trends arising, at present, is the use of blogs.

A blog is an educative content material that’s posted online, on a frequent basis which is often delivered in an informal yet conversational manner. In fact, our consultants have discovered evidence that most companies identify blogging as their top marketing priority due to nearly 50% of the entire online population proven to be reading blogs.

Establishing a blog page will give small business a potential 434% chance of being ranked highly on search engine result pages (SERPs); a major SEO improvement. Furthermore, blogging is a very non-rigid marketing activity that can easily be updated to remain consistent with newly-arising trends within the marketing landscape. Essentially, having a blog page is now the topmost constructive way to reach large audiences, build intimate and honest customer relationships and instigate customer loyalty.

Whilst setting and writing up blogs is a relatively easy practice, there is much more that needs to be considered post setup. This is why small businesses, more so than others, need the right advice and planning toolkit, both of which are available at Little Marketing. Our team of small business consultants in Sydney is specifically trained to help small business with their website processes, which extends to blogging activity. Find out how best we can help you by contacting us on 02 9700 1869.


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