Sydney small business marketing consultant explains the impact of voice search on SEO

At Little Marketing, one of the best things we have found about working with small business owners is their desire to succeed and willingness to learn and adapt. These are qualities that our small business marketing consultants in Sydney highly appreciate because they know the importance of possessing them in an industry environment that is unpredictable and ever-changing.

Take the emergence of voice search, for example. Now that it has become a standard element of digital marketing and reshaped the way online search and query is conducted, small business owners are needing to make significant alterations to their current SEO strategy.

Ranking second or third on search engine result pages (SERPs) is no longer an accomplishment when only the topmost result, of the first SERP, is the designated response to a relevant consumer query. Also, relying on singular keywords is no longer valid because voice search requires long tail key-phrases to generate accurate results. However, one advantage that small businesses can procure from voice search is its regional orientation, which favours local results to answer a consumer query.

So, if you are a small business in Sydney, one that relies on SEO, then contact our team of Sydney marketing consultants for small businesses now! We have the skills and we value your prosperity. With our consulting proficiency, we can bring your SERP rank to number one and convert your keywords into winnable key-phrases, all in a speedy timeframe.

Fix your SEO strategy for voice search now by calling our Sydney small business marketing consultants on 02 9700 1869!


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