Sydney marketing consultant for small businesses explains why you need to consider HARO

Help A Reporter Out, or HARO, is digital sourcing service that helps connect journalists and bloggers, in search of veridical information about a particular topic or issue, to expert sources.

Our Sydney marketing consultant for small businesses finds HARO to be one of the most lucrative ways for a small business to receive positive publicity through media coverage. In fact, subscribing to the service and becoming a source presents more benefit to the subscriber than it does journalists.

Once you subscribe to HARO, you control the media coverage you get by choosing the journalist queries you respond to. Generally speaking, the media coverage received through HARO gives your small business a higher probability of:
• Increasing mindshare in the industry
• Effectively reaching and converting target markets
• Improving digital marketing strategies, particularly SEO and website traffic related.

It is a perfect return on investment, especially since subscription is free! So, sign-up now with the help of Little Marketing! Our small business marketing consultancy in Sydney can help small business owners ease into the transition of a HARO subscriber, starting with providing you all the necessary information. Any assistance required during signup and pitch-development process or advice needed when selecting a journalist query will be provided by us as well.

So, get in touch with a Sydney small business marketing consultant now by calling 02 9700 1869.


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