Marketing consultant for small business Brisbane provide tips for effective personalisation in marketing

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane understand the difficulty of tailoring customer experiences. Hence, provided below are five hot tips on how small businesses can personalise their marketing strategies as effectively and efficiently as possible:

Understand your target audience: you cannot personalise a customer’s experience if you don’t know who your customer is, so make sure to spend some time to discern this.  Be sure to go the extra mile to develop segments and customer profiles for better representation.

Don’t overuse the marketing formats and channels: not all of them are relevant to your brand or your key consumer, and the overuse or irrelevant use of a format or channel could result in misinterpretation of the brand or missed opportunities with positional customers.

But if you can, go digital: the marketing space is changing and the digital landscape is dominating! With Smartphone adoption becoming increasingly universal, there are numerous opportunities on each online platform upon which your business can reach a large number of target consumers and convey the right marketing message at the right time. No matter what you need, our marketing consultants for small business can help.

Emphasise your key value to consumers:
make your brand as relevant to your audience as possible! Get to the core need/s that your products or services are satisfying and ensure your potential customers are aware of it. In doing so, and remaining consistent, there is a greater likelihood of generating consumption.

Use the data available:
we currently live in a time where technological revolutions are recurring and data generation is growing at exponential speed, giving markets more access to its target customers than ever before imagined possible. Businesses can now identify every touch-point a customer comes across when on route their journey with your brand. This can contribute to individualising each customer experience and help place relevant marketing communications at every touch-point. Moreover, pain-points can now be located and resolved much faster, reducing unfavourable opinions. Make use of data and be quick to improve your customer’s experience with your brand!

Want to learn how to best execute these tips with day-to-day business and marketing activities? Ask us now by calling 07 3062 9457.


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