Marketing consultant for Brisbane small businesses talk business transparency

Business transparency, in the most straightforward terms, equates to hiding nothing from your customers. It means your business is candidly sincere about its internal operations and processes, its performance, its overall mission and objectives, and its pricing strategies.

As consumers become progressively health conscious and environmentally considerate, an increasing number of customers are demanding that businesses become open and honest about their products and services. As a result, the marketing consultants for small businesses in Brisbane have found business transparency to be one of the topmost determinants of strong customer relationships, which notably weaken when your business is opaque.

For small businesses, it is far more important to maintain positive customer relationships. By becoming a transparent business, consumers will establish trust in you, and trust, as we know, is the foundation for any successful relationship. According to our Brisbane small business marketing consultants’ discovery, approximately 94% of customers are loyal to brands that offer absolute transparency, and 39% percent are willing to switch to for it.

At Little Marketing, we believe in being transparent too; just view our website. From our company history to our FAQs page, or from our client testimonials all the way to our media exposure, we have hidden nothing. That is why, today, we are the leading consultancy for small businesses. With the knowledge and expertise of our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane, your small business is equally capable of becoming a leader in your respective industry as well.

Let us help you can become a triumphantly transparent small business with immutable customer retention. Book a consultation today!


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